Hi! Mabel told us to make this blog since apparently were really popular on the internet. It's actually pretty creepy... But anyways, Norman and I will be answering questions from you guys I guess. Yep. ((This blog is kind of inactive but it comes back sometimes...)) ASK BOX IS OPEN

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Anonymous asked: Just as an fyi, your art is always fab, and if parapines isn't always on your mind, the contrabutions you make to the fandom you make are super appreciated. This sideblog is just the cutest, and i love your main blog too! So thank you for being awesome.

((aaaAAAAHHHH THANK YOU SO MUCH WOW. This… You don’t know how much this means to me because I always feel terrible when I’m not able to answer all your asks, guys… But thank you so much Anon! You just made my day! X3c))


Oh, man I can’t wait I can’s wait!!! I mean- er… Happy Summer vacation for those in the northern hemisphere haha!

Ready to answer questions together instead of over the phone, heh.

She wasn’t there, was she…?

No, Dipper. Were still in California.




Please don’t encourage them.

We’re aren’t beLITTLING him that much.

It’s all jokes from here on out.

Anonymous asked: (hiiiiii this isn't really an ask but more of a suggestion?? earlier on you said how you didn't want to spam the tag (which is 100% fine by me btw) but if you still dont want to do that, you should yourself a personal tag and only occasionally post in the parapines tag? remember, suggestion -- otherwise I really love this blog!! keep being awesome <3 (not that you can stop)

(( :O omg yes! This is a perfect suggestion! Thank you so much! I will do so immediately. So from now on, the tag shall be… #askpandb  ??? For ask Pines and Babcock! Yes! So this shall be the tag that will be used. Feel free to tag fan art here too! I’d love to draw them reacting to the art! Thank you so much friendly anon!!!! :3))

Alright so we just cleaned the ask box out because we just wanted a fresh new start!

Most of the questions were just about me and Norman being together anyways- WHICH WE AREN’T.

Sure, you aren’t Dipp’n Dots. It’s not like he’s the only thing you talk about since he went back home.

OFF TOPIC. Anyways, send in your asks! School year’s almost over, which means Norman’s coming back soon! We want some fresh new questions!

((Sorry it’s been so long haha. This blog has become a spare time blog so. Yeah.))